Delivering Social Justice

The Anne Frank Trust creates hundreds of Anne Frank Ambassadors every year. These young people are trained by education teams across the country, to deliver Anne’s message of social justice and equality for all in their schools, local communities, and online.

The Ambassadors are encouraged to make their voices heard and given the necessary support to tackle issues that they feel strongly about. This could be racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia or any other form of prejudice. They creatively put together their own campaigns, using assemblies and exhibitions to pass on the message that Anne could take no further than the pages of her dairy: ‘we are all equal’.

Photography: Alexis Dubus

“Our work in empowering young people to question and challenge prejudice has never been more urgently needed. Funding such as that from the Morris Charitable Trust enables us to continue delivering this vital support, to nurture a generation that understands completely the importance of equality, and ultimately to create a future that is free from all forms of prejudice and discrimination”

Tim Robertson
The Anne Frank Trust Chief Executive

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