Bringing colour to the children’s emergency department

At UCLH, Each year, over 25,000 babies, children and young people visit the Emergency Department (ED) for emergency nursing and medical care. At the moment this area is gloomy, uninspiring and has a very clinical feel, though, we aspire to create a special area to help children and young patients feel more at ease when they attend. This is ‘above and beyond’ what the NHS can fund.

The project will create a healthcare environment that incorporates art, play areas, soft furnishings and lighting design to create a warm and welcoming space where young patients feel more at ease. This could help distract them from their situation, avoid the need for heavy anaesthetics and allow staff to focus their resources on the greatest need. It will also help to alleviate the anxiety and worry of young patients and their carers when visiting the ED and help to improve the overall patient experience.

“The children who attend our Emergency Department are often distressed, anxious and in pain. Many of them spend several hours waiting in small bare cubicles for treatments which can cause discomfort. This refurbishment project will bring colour and reassurance to the children’s ED and will help distract our young patients from their condition and care.”

Senior Nurse
UCLH Children’s ED

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