Room to Heal

Gardening project supporting torture survivors on their healing journey

Room to Heal is a small, frontline human rights charity. We support refugees and people seeking asylum who have survived the horrors of torture and trafficking to rebuild their lives in exile in London.

Many of our community members – torture survivors – find being in nature extremely healing. Being in peaceful gardens, members often feel calmer, more able to relax and enjoy themselves.

At our gardening sessions, community members know they will be safe and welcomed, which is incredibly important to them. It also helps survivors improve their physical health through gardening and being outdoors.

Regular gatherings in the garden also help members reduce feelings of isolation, build new safe relationships and help build trust and confidence.

“Our community members have very little control over their day-to-day lives, while they endure a lengthy asylum process in the UK that usually lasts years. Many have a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be triggered by their challenging living conditions in London. Through this gardening project, members gain a sense of peace, safety and companionship with others who share their experiences. Members tell us that being together in the garden gives them a much-needed sense of hope, peace and belonging.”

Elli Free
Room to Heal

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