Horticulture for the local community

Sunnyside Community Gardens, based in Islington, relies on groups of generous people who want to make a big impact and get their hands dirty. Volunteer groups play a crucial role in supporting their regular volunteers to ensure Sunnyside is open and looking beautiful for the local community and the disabled adults who visit them for Therapeutic Horticulture.

Thanks to a donation from the Morris Charitable Trust they have returned the Hazellville Road end of Sunnyside into a special family garden, which has been designed for those with small children to enjoy. Sunnyside’s Friday Volunteers and Trustees have worked with Community Gardener Lorena Vila to create this special space for residents in Hillrise.

“The Morris Charitable Trust provided us with a generous grant to cover the true costs of developing the Morris Family Garden and helped us as a small charity to develop. Their light touch support, understanding and flexibility led to this project being an overwhelming success. They provided us with support in the broadest possible sense of the word and as an organisation we are very grateful and glad to have worked with them.”

Anna Portch
Sunnyside Community Gardens Manager

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