Offering a bespoke service to the families of Islington

The Parent House offers a bespoke service to the families of Islington. Unlike other organisations, we do not limit ourselves to the number of parent’s we work. We do this so that we are able to support parents from all backgrounds, with children from all ages, and for as long as is needed.

Our ethos and way of working means that we are there to listen to parent’s needs, and by doing so, we hear the struggles they face, and what we may be able to do to help, or signpost them to what is more appropriate, to suit to their needs. Through collaborating with parent’s, we support them to find their own solutions, rather than trying to fix it for them, as we appreciate this is not always helpful.

For those that have more complex issues, we will support them to access one of our many skilled partners and keep in touch with the family until a support worker is identified.

In addition, we offer training and volunteering opportunities that are based on need.  All of our services are dependent on capacity and resources, yet we continue to work in a creative and relational way, to ensure these needs are always met.

“At The Parent House, we believe that every parent has the potential to shape a bright future for their children. We are passionate about supporting families in Islington, where the rate of child poverty is alarming. Too many families are struggling to meet their basic needs and provide for their children.
Our approach is one of empathy and collaboration. We work closely with parents to recognize their unique skills and experiences, empowering them to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families. Our team includes 60% of former users of our service, who understand first-hand the challenges that families in Islington face.
We are grateful to have the support of Morris Trust, who understands the community and its needs. Their funding process is straightforward and easy to follow, allowing us the flexibility to meet the unique needs of the families we serve.”

Gina Camputaro, The Parent House Trust, Director

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