Supporting young unaccompanied refugees in Islington

The British Red Cross is the UK’s largest provider of services for refugees and asylum seekers. We believe that people experiencing displacement should feel safe, live with dignity and have choice and opportunity on their journey; that they deserve the chance to rebuild their lives and relationships with loved ones, and have the choice about how they do that.

Our young refugee service in Islington works with unaccompanied refugee and asylum-seeking young people, supporting them through the asylum process and social care system as they transition through to adulthood.

Our Young Refugee life skills projects aim to build confidence, improve English, widen social networks and develop life skills through activity-based sessions. This provides opportunities to connect with others and gives them the tools to thrive in their new communities.

Our Young Refugee Casework team undertake a range of duties to empower young people to access their entitlements in the UK and plan for their future. With a focus on holistic support packages, our casework also helps with access to statutory, medical, legal, health and educational services.

We can’t take away what these young people have been through, but we can ensure they have resources and support they need to recover and rebuild.

“The support of The Morris Charitable Trust will make a huge difference to the young refugees and asylum seekers we are here to support. It will help provide continuity and stability in these uncertain and challenging times. Without your generosity, many of these young people could fall into crisis with little to no help. However, thanks to your donation, we can continue to help London’s most vulnerable young refugees and asylum seekers to not only rebuild their lives, but to continue flourishing in their local communities.”

Ember Hibbert
Young Refugee Service Manager

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