Emergency Support for Refugee/ Asylum Seeking Women in Islington

Empowering vulnerable BAME communities

The project’s beneficiaries have all fled war-torn countries, violence and bloodshed.

Many are suffering from PTSD and have fled without their families. Most came here not knowing anyone, thus have suffered from severe isolation and loneliness.

Recent surveys and interviews we conducted in March 2022 to identify their neds have found that the pandemic hit them hard, being stuck in tiny flats with no outdoor space. Some are even homeless. Loneliness and isolation have become even more rampant. This has often led to significant mental health deterioration.

Many of them do not speak English vey well and lack a support system that enables them to access critical services such as medical services, pubic benefits, job/career support, further education/training opportunities, social activities and others. They have told us that government food deliveries have been poor quality, degrading and inedible.

“We empower vulnerable BAME communities to play a key role in improving their quality of life and overall integration into British society”

Sir Patrick Stewart Pavey

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